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Getting Started with ElasticDL

The tutorials in this document aims to help users get hands on quickly and have a preliminary understanding of ElasticDL.

Run ElasticDL on Various Environments

The following tutorials demonstrates how to run ElasticDL on different environments:

  1. Local Environment
  2. On-prem cluster
  3. Public cloud

ElasticDL on Local Environment

Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run Kubernetes locally. It runs a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a Virtual Machine (VM) on the laptop so developers can try out Kubernetes or develop with it day-to-day.

This tutorial uses Minikube to run ElasticDL on a local laptop.

ElasticDL on On-prem Cluster

This tutorial demonstrates how to run ElasticDL on an on-prem cluster.

ElasticDL on Public Cloud

This tutorial shows how to run ElasticDL on a public cloud, namely, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Model Building

We have also provided this tutorial to illustrate how to define necessary components that will be used for ElasticDL model training, evaluation, and prediction.